Interactive Touch Table

The Interactive Touch Table (ITT) project requires building a solid interactive table which can be stands freely on any solid floor, this interactive table is provided with a software that can serve displaying the content dynamically, by uploading it through a dashboard or offline USB, as the system should be able to work completely offline. The ITT should be highly secured … Read More


The project targets building an interactive dynamic informative platform to be used as a digital knowledge repository in a fascination representation. The application aims to trigger users/visitors enthusiasm for acquiring more information and exposing system capabilities.


MW is an interactive digital flip chart/white board with powerful features and functionality. Hand written sticky notes are a thing of the past, No more trying to decipher handwriting and searching for lost sticky notes, forget about spending hours translating sticky note projects into meeting minutes.


A corporate targeted Web application Self-service interactive Kiosk Client touchscreen with a web application dashboard control portal Cloud based. Both Kiosk client and Web admin dashboard will be fully responsive web apps to display correctly on multiple screen sizes. The Kiosk client touchscreen interface will be in portrait at a screen resolution of 1024×1280 as first initial requirement The kiosk … Read More

Geo Wayfinding

Geo Wayfinding GeoWayfinding is an intelligent, cross-platform wayfinding solution; designed to guide you in the most effective and ergonomic way, using stunning digital maps for mobile,web and kiosk devices. GeoWayfinding platform is designed to be future-proof, with dynamic maps and an integration friendly CMS for full management.

Digital Signage Flight System

Light Schedule time management system for the employees. The main purpose of the system is to manage all the DHL flights that depart from Bahrain Airport. A visual countdown until the flight departs is clearly and visibly displayed to make clearly make the employees aware of how long they have until the flight departs. A clean, modern, branded easy to … Read More

Media Wall

The project aim is to develop a dynamic presentation platform for museum to enhance kids/young youth engagement in interacting with the application using digital draws, colors and comics, they will get their submitted draws/stories recognized and previewed in the system.