Joory Diamonds

Certified diamonds are diamonds that have been graded by a gem laboratory based on their “4 C’s” attributes of Carat Weight, Color, Clarity & Cut. When shopping for a diamond, it is highly recommended to purchase a certified diamond to ensure the quality of the stone. Here at “Joory Diamonds”, we managed not just to certify the stone but the … Read More


Total Reward System That provide Platform that support enterprises with competitive and efficient total reward system Smart & Simple user experience for fully integrated TRM Clay Customized system that will inherit your TR strategy and understanding.


LiveLife The system operates using three platform ends. Front web end for users to redeem vouchers, backend for admins/brand managers/distributors to create their own vouchers, and allot voucher ranges towards selling locations and an end for mobile users to redeem or multi-redeem vouchers on the go.

Elsa7el is an electronic portal to all classifieds’ needs in the North Coast. The website aims to be the primary medium for real estate and classifieds in Elsa7el. The basic idea was expanded to include all types of classifieds including cars, concert tickets, pets, Jet Skies, and the likes. The website should make life easier for those interacting in this … Read More

Jeddah Food

The Major point of call for all those wishing to find out about the latest restaurants, food and hot spots in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. With Independent Reviews, Searchable Database, and tips on the top places to eat at in town, you can easily get lost in the delights this town has to offer.

yotable is a digital platform catering to the restaurant industry that specializes in online reservation bookings and solutions. The website, launched end of March of 2015 is the first of its kind established in Saudi Arabia and launched first in Jeddah and then Riyadh before rolling out across the Kingdom and the Gulf. Available in both Arabic and English YoTable … Read More


Welcome to LamasaStore, your number one online source for technology solutions, i.e. audio visual, consumer electronics, print and imaging. We’re dedicated to giving you the LamasaTech Group.


The first arabic app on Android Wear Market, Let’s fill our time with prayers. We want each user to pray and say that Subha Ti is the best Mesbaha that helped them to Sabeh after each prayer, It’s a free application to help every one gain god’s grace

Geo Wayfinding

Geo Wayfinding GeoWayfinding is an intelligent, cross-platform wayfinding solution; designed to guide you in the most effective and ergonomic way, using stunning digital maps for mobile,web and kiosk devices. GeoWayfinding platform is designed to be future-proof, with dynamic maps and an integration friendly CMS for full management.

Digital Signage Flight System

Light Schedule time management system for the employees. The main purpose of the system is to manage all the DHL flights that depart from Bahrain Airport. A visual countdown until the flight departs is clearly and visibly displayed to make clearly make the employees aware of how long they have until the flight departs. A clean, modern, branded easy to … Read More