pop deal

PopDeal app value is to centralize offers geographically, and shorten the channel of advertising between brands. offer providers and users to redeem the offers . PopDeal app is a popular Deals & offer app which brings you fresh local deals with real-time discounts every day, and it’s customizable to fit what you’re looking for. You can finding your favorite deals … Read More

Custom ecommerce

The customer may filter through all products within that section (category) using brand / type and search tools. Once a product is selected, it will display the associated title, description, image, ingredients, stock and reviews. A selection of recommended products will also be displayed alongside each product – such as cross/up-sell products, promotions and editorials/news.

TeleMed Platform

TeleMed Platform, is a platform that is build in Covid-19 that allows doctors and patient to make complete virtual booking for their cases in a smooth video/Audio/Texting platform.